Basement Finishing and Remodeling

The basement is the perfect focus area for homeowners who need to add square footage to their existing home. The quest for additional square footage often leads to the addition of new rooms or a second-story addition when the structure of the basement is already in place. Basement finishing or remodeling uses existing space to improve your living space and build a better quality of life within your home.

Basement Finishing and Remodeling

The basement is generally either unfinished or finished. An unfinished basement should be completely sealed so it remains dry enough to be used as storage for holiday decorations or sports gear. This doesn’t necessarily mean the unfinished basement will have very many electrical outlets or even ductwork for heating or cooling. Here are some of the differences between basement finishing and basement remodeling:

  • Basement Finishing – Finishing the basement involves sealing the flooring and walls to keep moisture at bay. We may also install a flooring material such as tile or carpeting and erect walls to hide the unsightly block walls. We will install power outlets and ductwork as needed to create a climate controlled finished basement.
  • Basement Remodeling – The idea of a basement remodel is essentially based on the fact that the basement is already finished. We will erect walls to separate the different living areas that the new basement layout will accommodate and install even more power outlets and light fixtures to meet your family’s needs. We will work with you to create the ideal living spaces to increase the functionality of your home.

The Advantage of Remodeling with Stromberg Built, LLC

We understand that many Buffalo, MN area builders and remodelers can finish or remodel your basement. We believe that our comprehensive understanding of the remodeling process is one of the qualities that sets us apart from other builders in the area.

We have an experienced architectural designer leading the way for each project. This allows us to create spaces that work well to meet your individual needs while looking amazing. Our goal is to build a better quality of life for everyone in your home. We enjoy working with homeowners who appreciate that level of creativity in a builder.

We will collaborate with you and incorporate things you want in your home. We always listen to your ideas and focus on building a space that meets your vision of perfection. We will work to keep you updated on a daily basis so you’re truly a valued part of the process.

We are absolutely committed to the success of your project, and we don’t consider it a success unless you are 100% happy. We will work to deliver your project on time and within budget every time.

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