Home Additions

A home addition is a wonderful way to upgrade your home and add valuable square footage. A lot of homeowners will purchase a small home for a great price with the intention of adding rooms to it as needed over time. This idea allows room to grow as a family as well as the ability to completely personalize every new room you build.

Home additions don’t have to follow the add-a-bedroom model that many people followed in the 1980s and 1990s. Now we encourage homeowners to remodel other areas of the home while building a home addition. The entire idea behind remodeling and adding onto your home is to improve your quality of life and the flow of your home as well.

Improve the Flow of Air and Traffic

The flow of traffic through your home may feel cramped or you may run the risk of bumping into other family members as you each round a corner. Closed floor plans with narrow doorways eat up a lot of square footage that can be put to great use simply by remodeling the interior of the home.

Air flow through your home is similar to the foot traffic, but it follows the path of least resistance. This is why your heating and cooling unit should always be installed by a professional HVAC technician. Proper air flow eliminates issues like stale air in certain rooms and keeps allergens at a minimum.

A home addition works best when you consider both of these issues before making your final decision as to where to build what room. You may find that your home works perfectly if you remove a few walls, widen a few doorways, and build a new kitchen instead of a new family room. This is, of course, just a broad example of the possibilities.

The Advantage of Building a Home Addition with Stromberg Built, LLC

We understand that there are several general contractors and builders in the Buffalo, MN area. You could choose to work with any of those companies, so we’re honored that you’re here to learn more about us. We feel that we have more to offer you than most of the other contractors in the area.

  • We have a comprehensive understanding of the remodeling process.
  • We have an experienced architectural designer leading the way.
  • We will collaborate with you on important aspects of the design.
  • We are completely committed to you and your project.

We take care of everything from concept to completion; including permits. We take the headache of acquiring a permit for your project off of you and deal with all of the paperwork ourselves.

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