On Time. On Budget. On Purpose.

Our comprehensive, ten-step process for planning, designing and building your project helps ensure you get everything you wanted – and often more than you expected.

1. Initial Meeting          

It all starts with you; your thoughts and ideas, your plans and dreams. We ask a lot of questions and take a lot of notes (so we won’t have to ask the same questions twice).

2. Design Agreement   

Once we fully understand your objectives, we develop an overarching outline of your project to help guide discussions and decisions regarding plans and parameters.

3. Design Meeting         

We meet on-site to discuss our preliminary outline and physically demonstrate the various ways in which your project might be laid out.

4. Design Options        

Armed with your feedback from our design meeting, we head straight to the drawing board to create multiple options for realizing your vision.

5. Preliminary Design  

Now it’s your turn. We’ll review all the advantages and limitations associated with each basic design and ask you to choose one (even if it’s a combination of two).

6. Design Development        

This is when things start to get interesting – because it’s time to start selecting specific materials, products and other key elements.

7. Sub-Contractor Meeting  

Once we have a complete design in hand, we meet with selected sub-contractors on-site to provide project specifications and acquire detailed estimates.

8. Construction Drawings     

Based on the input of our craftsmen, we develop fully detailed blueprints and budgets to govern all aspects of your project from commencement to completion.

9. Contract Presentation       

At this point, we’ll explain everything you can expect from us – including specific deadlines – and ask you to approve it all so we can get started.

10. Construction

One of the best things about working with Stromberg Built is you’ll never have to work. From hiring craftsman and pulling permits to painting trim and washing windows, we take care of everything.

In our experience, Steps 2-9 of our process usually take about 30-45 days – but often save weeks (or even months) of delay and disappointment.