Bathroom Remodeling

The perfect bathroom is something that many homeowners desire in a home. The idea of perfection, however, differs from homeowner to homeowner. The quest for perfection makes it difficult for a home buyer to find their dream home within today’s housing market. This simple fact is why many of our home remodeling projects in the Buffalo, MN area include the bathroom. Many homeowners buy the almost-perfect home and perfect it over time.

Bathroom design is about much more than choosing where the toilet and vanity should go or creating more open floor space. Our goal here at Stromberg Built, LLC is to create a custom bathroom that meets your individual needs while also meeting the visual appeal you expect. We know that a well-designed bathroom is much more than simply placing stylish furnishings into the room and calling it a day.

The Advantage of Remodeling with Stromberg Built, LLC

Every bathroom remodeling company can remodel your bathroom, so why should you choose to work with us? We feel that we have several very important qualities that set us apart from the competition.

  • We have a comprehensive understanding of the remodeling process.
  • We have an experienced architectural designer leading the way.
  • We will collaborate with you on important aspects of the design.
  • We are completely committed to you and your project.

We offer you a single point of contact for all communication. You don’t need to talk with your architect to make sure things are up to par, your builder to order materials and hash out details, your electrician or plumber to schedule appointments; that’s not your responsibility, it’s ours. All you need to do is tell us what you want, choose materials, and sign off on the final plans.

We will work with you from conception to completion to ensure that your bathroom remodel goes according to plan. We don’t need to refer you to an architect or design firm before the project can begin; we are the full package. Everything is handled in-house, which offers you the ultimate in remodeling convenience.

Our goal is to help you build a better quality of life with each area of your home that we remodel. We’re comprehensive, creative, collaborative, and committed to you. We take pride in our workmanship and our record with previous clients proves that.

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